You Won’t Believe What This WA Arson Suspect Posted On Facebook Before Her Arrest

(Tea Party 247) – You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but there have been a spate of arson arrests made all up and down the West Coast, which is currently blazing with over 90 wildfires, many of them life-threatening.

More than one of those arrested for arson has a history of attending Black Lives Matter/anti-police protests, by the way.

The Gateway Pundit reports that one such suspect posted a very suspicious image on her Facebook account prior to her arrest.


An officer was responding to a fire call by Magnolia and Riverside; there had been several fallen power lines that day, so he went to investigate.

Instead, he found grass and a pallet on fire outside of a business, with no way it could have started outside of arson, according to Police. A few blocks away, the same officer spotted another fire in an alleyway, next to an old oil drum by a garage and some trees.

The officer called the Fire Department in, who put out those flames.

Given the nature of these fires, the officer called in more units to help investigate. Witnesses told police they saw a woman leaving the locations of both fires, and their description of her was the same.

Officers eventually identified 36-year-old Christine Comello, who lied to police about her name. Comello had a felony warrant for burglary and reckless burning, tied to another incident a few weeks prior where she reportedly started fires at a Spokane Valley business.

When TGP searched for Christine Comello in Spokane on Facebook, the account has this picture on it:

Meanwhile, court records reveal that there may have been a protection order issued against her earlier this year.


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