Wow! California Churches Stick It To Newsom’s Lockdown…This Is Amazing

(Tea Party 247) – It is beyond preposterous that, in the midst of the coronavirus, big box stores have remained open and bustling while churches across the land are shuttered.

The people of God, however, are sick and tired of it, particularly in California, where Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown measures have been far-reaching at best, particularly considering how low rates of infection in the Golden State have been.

Western Journal reports that in May, a federal judge sided with Newsom, saying he had the right to ban in-person church services in the best interest of the “public health.”

This decision came after Newsom was sued by a Sacramento church over his ban on in-person services.

The church lost, and Newsom has gone on to say he is likely to keep the state on lockdown for an indefinite period of time, although on May 7th he indicated that its possible churches may be allowed to re-open in about a month.

Thousands of churchgoers, however, aren’t prepared to wait that long.

According to The Washington Examiner, California Church United, which represents about 3,000 churches in the state, plans to reopen its doors on May 31, no matter what Newsom says they can or cannot do.

“He overstepped, and he’s overreached,” Matt Brown, pastor of Sandals Church, which is a member of California Church United, said of Newsom. “And he needs to step back, and he needs to declare that the church is an essential part of what we do as Americans, as what we do as Californians.”

So what could the possible punishment be for churches who willfully defy Newsom’s orders?

WJ notes:

Will they face backlash? Probably. Could they be arrested? Who knows?

But officials might find it difficult to arrest thousands of people at the same time. And the sentiment of frustration is mounting across the country.

But there is hope.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s order shutting down in-person church services was overruled by a federal judge after a church filed a lawsuit. The judge agreed that the order violated the First Amendment, according to WKYT.

There is no difference between walking the aisles of Walmart and running the aisles in a church service. If one is open, both should be.

The left is using the opportunity afforded by COVID-19 to squash the religious freedoms guaranteed to American citizens in the Constitution.

Liberals have always engaged in class warfare. To label one group of people as “nonessential” tells them they are not important. To liberal Democrats, people of faith fall into this category.

But Christians have been taught since creation that everyone matters. And our Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal.”

Puritans chose to leave England in the 17th century because they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs, and they established a society in America founded and built on freedom.

Somewhere along the way, liberals have taken it upon themselves to play God, instead of governor. There is a difference.

Amen to that! Now is the time that we simply cannot forget it.

Featured image credit: Church United


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