Will Life Ever Go Back To Normal? Or Are Bizarre Social Distancing Measures Like This The New Normal?

(Tea Party 247) – The biggest difference between the left and the right is that the right uses facts, actual indisputable, proven facts when making decisions especially those that affect others around us or, you know, the entire economy. The left, on the other hand, uses emotions and feelings and simply calls them facts.

One perfect example of this is the controversy surrounding whether or not we should all be forced to wear facemasks. Many conservatives contend that facemasks are futile and only serve as an empty symbol of health safety. They are just for show. This opinion has been backed up by the opinions of countless medical experts, like Dr. Russell Blaylock who gives an excellent and well-rounded assessment of facemasks and discusses the dangers they actually pose to healthy people.

The left, however, doesn’t even bother arguing the effectiveness of masks. They go right for the jugular. According to lock-stop leftists, if you don’t want to wear a mask you obviously don’t care about anyone else but yourself because we aren’t wearing masks for ourselves but rather to protect those around us and protecting the health of others is now our responsibility, apparently. If you don’t wear one you are heartless and just a downright awful person.

So, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see businesses around the country, that have been allowed to re-open, going to bizarre lengths to ensure we’re all doing our part to look out for everyone else’s health. Not only are businesses turning people away who refuse to wear a mask but they’re taking social distancing measures a little too far.

One restaurant in South Carolina is apparently doing what they must to make sure people are staying the heck away from others. You know, for the protection of the “others.”

Summit News reports:

A restaurant in South Carolina is using blow up dolls to occupy empty tables in order to enforce social distancing.

NBC 10 reports that the dolls, which are dressed in real clothing, are a good way of reminding customers to keep a safe distance from each other to protect against coronavirus.

The Open Hearth Restaurant says it’s a nicer way of maintaining a six feet gap between people without having to use caution tape.

“It’s a concept that is not frightening to people and it gives them something once again light to think about instead of virus and ex’s everywhere,” said restaurant owner Paula Starr Melehes.

Other restaurants around the world are also testing greenhouse-style glass pods for diners.

At a restaurant in the Netherlands, waiters wear face visors and masks as they serve up food to customers on long boards to avoid any physical contact.

No one seems to have anticipated what will happen in summer when the glorified greenhouses, which are located outside, reach baking hot temperatures.

Apparently, this is part of our “new normal.”

Does this look normal to you?

Coming soon to a town near you!

All of these measures are just downright nonsensical and bizarre. What can we expect, though, from leftists who take other people’s health very seriously with, of course, the exception of unborn babies whom the left is perfectly fine killing with impunity.


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