What Swedish Towns Are Having To Do To Accommodate Migrants Is Beyond Shameful

(Tea Party 247) – One fact of reality that liberals don’t seem to grasp when it comes to the whole idea of just allowing immigrants to waltz right into the country is that the vast majority of them would require welfare assistance, including food stamps and medical care, in order to survive. There aren’t enough jobs to go around for Americans as it is. Just imagine when thousands upon thousands of people enter into the country?

To make things worse, the left doesn’t seem to understand the idea of scarcity, something the free market system takes into account and helps us to manage. We don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on caring for immigrants. Eventually, we’d run out and have to make cuts to programs that are necessary for the support of our country’s infrastructure.

This is a lesson Sweden is learning as towns all across the country are having to cut basic services in order to support migrants.

Here’s more from Infowars Europe:

Many municipalities across Sweden will be reallocating funding and slashing basic services in order to cope with the flood of state-dependent migrants, according to a new report.

A survey conducted by SVT Nyheter found that 8 in 10 municipalities will be “forced to save” in the coming year and half plan to cut assistance for the disabled and family care as their economies suffer.

“The situation is strained, and we are now forced to take some effort after the council has decided on a new budget for 2020,” said Göran Eriksson, city manager of Bengtsfors.

“I think there are two reasons. We have been generous and received many new arrivals, but basically it is also a demographic problem. We have an aging population and the municipality is shrinking.”

Bengtsfors faces a budget deficit of SEK 25 million (~$2.6 mil), which it hopes to bridge by dialing back social services and maintenance costs.

“In order to reduce their expenses … an LSS housing and a daily activity for the mentally disabled will be closed down, 2.5 million less will be given to preschools, reduction of student health care, review the number of playgrounds, reduce street lighting by 20 percent, let it snow more before paving the roads, and also reduce politicians’ wages by five percent,” Fria Tider reports.

Bengtsfors is just one of many Swedish municipalities facing budget crises after taking in large numbers of welfare-dependent migrants from the Middle East and Africa, which in turn is driving out native Swedes and eroding the tax base, as Infowars Europe has reported.

For example, Filipstad, a locality in south-central Sweden which had only about 6,000 residents as of 2010, now reportedly boasts a population of roughly 10,000, including some 2,000 “overseas” migrants, at least 80 percent of whom are unemployed.

In Vilhelmina, officials recently proposed closing a local school in order to account for budget gaps after the Migration Board reduced assistance to the city in the amount of roughly $4.2 million, prompting the outrage of parents.

While it may seem noble to want to help all of the folks who want to come to America — and who can blame them for wanting to come here? It’s the greatest nation on the planet — it’s simply impossible to sustain the finances needed to provide assistance to migrants wanting to enter into the United States.

We are required by the laws of nature and God to be good stewards and manage our resources well so that we can survive and thrive as a society. That doesn’t always mean things will be fair. Life isn’t fair. We can only do so much. It’s not cruel to stop helping outsiders in order to sustain the lives of those who are members of our culture and society.

Now if only liberals could understand that, we’d been much better off.

Source: europe.infowars.com/swedish-municipalities-slashing-basic-services-to-fund-migrant-flood/


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