Group Of Canada Geese Join Joe Biden’s Latest Trainwreck Virtual Event

(Tea Party 247) – Can you even imagine what kind of events Biden would be hosting if he were still able to appear in person?

The last few months have been absolutely humiliating for the elderly presidential candidate, who is apparently not only completely inept at appearing in online events, he hasn’t been able to find a single person to join his staff who has experience using computers during this century.

Every live event that he’s managed to do has been marred with technical difficulties, embarrassing gaffes, and an unbelievable amount of background noise.

Like very loud, honking geese.

No, seriously.

For the third time, Biden was drowned out by some very opinionated geese during a livestream event although to be fair, they made a lot more sense than anything he had to say.

Maybe that’s why his staff hasn’t yet encouraged him to pick a different location for his remote television appearances.

Bloomberg reported:

Joe Biden emerged from his basement studio, as many Democrats have demanded, to do a livestream Monday near his garden. And he was almost drowned out by honking geese.

Even before Biden began to speak to an AAPI Victory Fund livestream, the honking of a Canada goose came across the video feed.

“You’re going to hear, there’s a pond on the other side of my property here, a lot of Canadian geese,” he said. “If you hear them honking away, they’re cheering, that’s what they’re about.”

Last week, during an event with Govs. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), Phil Murphy (D-NJ), and Ned Lamont (D-CT), Biden was also distracted by the loud geese (and his own incoherent train of thought, of course).

He quipped that they were “trying to get away from the virus.”

Just days earlier, he had a similar problem with some other birds.


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