Video: President Trump Slays The DOJ Over Their Recommendation In Roger Stone Case; Here’s What He Said

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump spoke with the press on Tuesday where he shared his thoughts about the current recommendation put forth by the Department of Justice concerning the case of Roger Stone, his former campaign adviser, stating that the believed it was “an insult to our country.”

The Justice Department is apparently seeking to have Stone imprisoned for 7-9 years. The announcement came from the DOJ on Tuesday where they stated they would revise the recommendation after receiving criticism from the president and others at the Justice Department.

Trump was then asked by reporters if he had sought leniency for Stone from the DOJ, to which the president replied that he had, in fact, not done so, then went on to call the almost decade long sentence “ridiculous.”

Here’s more on this from Infowars:

“No, I didn’t speak to the Justice,” Trump stated, adding, “I’d be able to do it if I wanted. I have the absolute right to do it – I stay out of things to a degree that people wouldn’t believe – but I didn’t speak to them.”

The president went on to call the entire case against Stone “ridiculous,” noting it stemmed from the FBI Special Counsel’s phony Russia collusion witch hunt, and described it as an “insult to our country.”

“I thought the [DOJ’s] recommendation was ridiculous. I thought the whole prosecution was ridiculous. And I look at others that haven’t been prosecuted, or I don’t know where it is now, but when you see that, I thought it was an insult to our country and it shouldn’t happen, and we’ll see what goes on there, but that was a horrible aberration,” the president said.

But the president wasn’t done there. He went on to roast the DOJ even further in a scathing comment saying, “These are, I guess, the same Mueller people that put everybody through hell, and I think it’s a disgrace. I think it was a disgraceful recommendation. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

What’s truly infuriating about the DOJ is the fact that they have hassled President Trump from day one, even going back into the 2016 presidential election, seeking to destroy him by any means necessary, assisting Hillary Clinton in her bid for the presidency, and have refused to really hold these individuals accountable for their actions.

Trump had his constitutional rights violated by FBI spying. Several folks in the FBI plotted against him to develop the Steele dossier and to help launch an investigation into false allegations of Russian collusion to steal the election. The list of corruption continues to grow, but who has been held accountable for all of it?

Practically nobody.

Yet the DOJ will viciously go after Roger Stone? This would be a little less outrageous if the DOJ was at least being consistent, but they are not. Not even close. When you can’t trust the Justice Department to objectively carry out its duty, you know things have gotten truly rotten.


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