UK Court Bans Protests Of LGBT Curriculum…At Muslim-Dominated School? Intersectional Clash!

(Tea Party 247) – Well, here’s a story about the collision of progressive and multicultural values in Europe in which the High Court in the UK has decided to place the importance of indoctrinating young children with pornographic sex-ed curriculums above the importance of rolling over and allowing radical Islam to take over their country.

Typically, over the last decade, the UK rolls out the red carpet for Muslims of all stripes, both genuinely moderate and peaceful and radical, thinly-veiled ISIS fighters posing as “refugees” alike.

Now, when a group of concerned Muslim parents staged a protest against the pro-LGBT lessons being taught at their children’s’ school in Birmingham, England, however, the court has ruled that this level of free speech is just a bit too threatening to the rest of their far-left radical agenda.

Birmingham council won their case on Tuesday after taking out an injunction against the largely Muslim parents who demonstrated outside the Anderton Park school in Sparkhill over the summer, according to Infowars.

The school has witnessed months of protests outside the front gates, instigated by anti-LGBT campaigners and parents unhappy with the equality lessons being taught to children.

Justice Warby QC, issuing the permanent injunction at the High Court in Birmingham, said the protests had “a very significant adverse impact on the pupils, teachers and local residents.”

He cited claims made by speakers at protests, such as the school had a “pedophile agenda” and that staff were “teaching children how to masturbate.” The judge remarked that “none of this is true.”

In response to the ruling, the UK Department for Education released a statement, welcoming the decision of the court and insisted that they had long been of the view that they wanted to “end these protests and encourage positive dialogue.”

This is insane.

As the UK is plagued with rising crime rates, a gang rape epidemic, and no-go zones police won’t even dare to patrol, all largely due to the high number of largely Muslim migrants, many of them militant and dedicated to civilization jihad, they’re still all the more so dedicated to perverting young minds with pro-LGBT curricula!

If there is anything that Muslims in the UK do deserve, as they would in any other country, would be the right to protest outside the schools their children attend when what is being taught in those schools directly violates some of the core tenets of the Abrahamic religions.

These parents aren’t demanding welfare or open borders or amnesty for terrorists, they are practicing their free speech, one of the core tenents of the Western civilization we so often accuse Muslims of wanting to destroy.

If they can’t practice theirs, no one can. But this is the UK we’re talking about. So that ship may already have sailed.


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