Check Out The Massive Impact Of The Wall That President Trump Promised And Delivered

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After Months Of Bashing Trump Over Virus Handling, Europe Is Getting Locked Down… Again

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Security Guard Says He Could Have Stopped Manchester Bomber… But He Was Worried About Being Called “Racist”

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Alert: US Marshals Just Made Biggest Sex Trafficking Bust In US History

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Breaking: People Are Waking Up As Anti-Lockdown Protests Explode

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Disgusting NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Just Got Exactly What He Deserved

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Where Are The Feminists On Hunter Biden Child Sex Abuse Allegations?

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Kirstie Alley Absolutely Shreds Facebook, Twitter For Their Biased Censorship

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Former Fox News Never Trumper Shepard Smith Is Watching His Career Crash And Burn

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Censorship: Guess What’s Happening To People Who Try To Share This Damning Hunter Biden Video?

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Pro-Trump Police Officer Suspended After Doing This From His Squad Car

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Huge: These Major Fox News Anchors And Personalities Just Got Diagnosed With COVID-19

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Black Lives Matter Protests Rage Again In This California City After Man Shot By Police

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Numbers For New Jersey Trump Vehicle Rally Will Blow Your Mind — Four More Years!!

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Jennifer Aniston’s Unhinged, Racist Instagram Post On Why We Shouldn’t Vote For Trump

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Watch: Rabid BLM Protesters Assault Hispanic Woman As Part Of Riot Over… Equality?

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Social Media Platforms Continue To Showcase Left-Wing Bias As They Promote Giuliani “Hit-Job”

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San Diego School District Takes Drastic Measures To “Combat Racism” That Are Actually Very Racist

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Must Watch: President Trump Gets This Awesome Endorsement Out Of Flint, Michigan

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Here’s A Brief List Of All That President Trump Has Accomplished That The Left Wants You To Ignore

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UK Equalities Minister Takes Bold Stand Against BLM Movement, Critical Race Theory In This Powerful Speech

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Here’s Jill Biden’s Obnoxious Response To Being Asked About “The Attacks” Against Her Crime Family

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Gets Immediately Called Out After He Makes This Claim About Reporting On RNC Chair’s Hacked Emails

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Slate Reader Asks For Help Making Sure Her 2-Year-Old Is Woke Enough. No, Really.

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Breaking: Imprisoned Hunter Biden Associate Who Exposed Damning Emails Could Now Be In Danger

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Shocking Insight Into Why Seattle Police Officers Are Leaving The Department In Droves

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Yet Another Project Veritas Bombshell: How Google Is Directly Helping Democrats Get Elected

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Watch: Antifa Members Conduct Satanic Ritual Amid Protest—Using Real, Bloody Heart

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Unreal: Trump Supporters Shot At For Trying To Be Friendly To Biden Supporter—This Is Insane

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Leftists Triggered That Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump, So Candace Owens Schools Them With Economics Lesson

(Tea Party 247) – It’s hard to deny that some of the most racist people in our country today are leftists who think they can tell black people how ...Read More


SCOTUS Secures Religious Liberty & Rule of Law

SCOTUS Secures Religious Liberty & Rule of Law

( - The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has already made a number of influential rulings during its most recent hearings. This...