Trump Slams “Stupid” Corporations Funding Radical Leftists, Said They Should Fund This Instead

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, President Donald Trump slammed “stupid” corporations who have happily put their brands behind the radical far-left organization in the midst of the George Floyd riots.

It is pretty amazing how many leftists claim that no one wants to listen to their message of “anti-racism,” as massive, billion-dollar, multinational companies scrambled to incorporate Black Lives Matter messaging into their advertising and branding.

Some might cynically say that this is just an attempt to make money off an important social justice movement, more realistic critics, however, might wonder how they actually intend to make money with such divisive messages on issues that are far more nuanced than the left lets on.

And they’re certainly not just trying to profit.

They’re actually pouring millions into the organizations that are pushing these radical messages–organizations that already receive a healthy dose of funding with groups like those linked to progressive billionaire George Soros.

You can’t really claim to be part of a persecuted intellectual minority when your messages are being touted by everyone from Wall Street to Hollywood to the Beltway, can you?

“The corporations, these poor stupid people that run the — you know, they get paid a lot of money. They’re weak ineffective people, let’s face it,” Trump told rally-goers in Nevada on Sunday night.

According to Breitbart, the president estimated that between $100-$250 million has been spent by left-wing organizations during the protests.

In June, the outlet notes that they reported that American corporations had pledged $1.175 billion to social and racial justice organizations.

“It’s so embarrassing … that money is not used for good reasons,” Trump said.

He also quite rightly pointed out that the radical movements these companies are supporting would turn on them in a second.

Cancel culture does not at all exclude those who donate to radical groups, by any means, to say nothing of the tax hikes and animosity towards private enterprise we could expect were the Marxists to take power.

“They’ll be the first to go if the radical Left ever took — they’d throw those guys out like they were nothing,” he said. “If they were lucky, they’d just be thrown out. It would probably be a lot rougher than that.”

He also called out the corporations for causes they’d do far better to give their money to.

“They should give money to the families of the crime victims and the fallen officers,” he said as the rally crowd roared with approval.


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