This New Amazon Show’s Premise Concerning White People In MAGA Hats Is Well Beyond Disturbing

(Tea Party 247) – If you happen to be someone on the right, you’re probably used to being called a “Nazi” by our gloriously awesome friends on the left. That is, after all, the only word they seem capable of tossing out when they realize they can’t actually defend their horrific worldview when facts are used to dismantle their beliefs.

Hollywood seems to be the worst offender when it comes to labeling conservatives Nazis, as is clearly illustrated by a brand new Amazon Prime television series that has white folks in MAGA hats being hunted down as awful, horrible racists.

Horrible, right?

Here’s more from Summit News:

A new Amazon Prime show starring Al Pacino features a group of “diverse” vigilantes who hunt down and kill “Nazis,” some of whom are depicted wearing red MAGA-style hats.

Called Hunters, the trailer for the show, which is set in New York in 1977, is dominated by Pacino’s character, a Nazi-hunting Jewish ringleader named Meyer Offerman who justifies the killings by asserting, “This is not murder, This is mitzvah.”

“For eons, people like us have been degraded and exterminated. But no more,” says Pacino as images of Jews and black people are shown.

The clips featured in the trailer portray numerous acts of violence against the “Nazis,” including stabbings, a woman being punched in the face and a car containing the victims being blown up.

According to People, the vigilante group, described as “diverse,” discovers that “hundreds of escaped Nazis are living in America” and then “set out on a bloody quest for revenge and justice.”

The plot of the show appears to bear numerous similarities to Jason Blum’s The Hunt, a horror movie that centered around a group of liberals who hunt down red state conservatives.

The release of The Hunt was postponed following criticism from President Trump and the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Remember back in the day when movies had to have their themes woven into the subtext of a film instead of blasted in your face with sanctimonious preaching like it is today?

This show is nothing more than propaganda designed to shame Trump followers and anyone who might not dare to think the same way liberals think. It also belittles the actual Holocaust and the horrors of the real Nazis who almost wiped out an entire people group.

It’s shameful this is the kind of terrible tripe Hollywood produces these days. Liberalism truly does ruin everything.



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