This Masked Home Invader Picked The Wrong House…

(Tea Party 247) – There is something that do-gooder gun-grab supporting voters completely don’t get about gun ownership.

That is, aside from the fact that they’re supporting something that violates the very core of our constitutional rights.

No, the same people who think that the guns of law-abiding citizens should be taken away won’t think twice before calling the police when they themselves are in need of protection, policemen who have firearms.

These same people wouldn’t think twice about robbing a bank because banks have armed guards.

These same people adore celebrities who virtue signal their support for gun control while being protected by private armed security.

All these people have faith that prisoners will stay in prison and that criminals should be locked up in the first place all because they’re kept there with firearms.

And yet they think that people who are smart enough to understand how guns work and what they’re used for shouldn’t own guns to defend themselves at home because of crazed psychopaths who usually don’t even purchase their guns legally.

But time and time again, these smart, self-reliant law-abiding gun owners remind criminals exactly why it’s important to be armed.

Maybe if some of these gun-grabbers found themselves needing to defend their own lives, they’d feel differently about their support of unconstitutional gun laws.

Breitbart reports:

A masked home invasion suspect was shot dead by a Benton Township, Michigan, homeowner Wednesday night.

WKZO reports that two masked suspects allegedly entered an apartment around 11:30 p.m. and “ordered residents to get down.”

An armed resident then emerged from a bedroom, shooting one of the suspects in the chest and fatally wounding him.

Fox 17 reports that one of the intruders was allegedly armed, and exchanged shots with the resident.

There were “three adult males, one adult female, and three children” in the apartment when the suspects entered. None of the occupants were harmed.

The deceased suspect was identified as 23-year-old Dante Long of Benton Harbor. The second suspect was able to flee the scene.


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