The Sinister Truth About The Coronavirus And China’s “Trojan Horse” Is Shocking

(Tea Party 247) – As if the coronavirus pandemic couldn’t get any more ominous. Now that it has become painfully obvious the Chinese government is lying to the rest of the world about the gravity of the outbreak, the truth seems to be going from bad to worse by the day. While thousands of Chinese citizens have died from the coronavirus and likely hundreds of thousands more are sick with it, the Chinese government is focused on their own reputation and keeping their political foes in check.

It is being reported that China has allegedly sent a “Trojan horse” into their political adversary Taiwan. China is now using the coronavirus as a biological warfare weapon and the rest of the world had better take heed to this developing story.

NewsWars reports:

On the heels of the bombshell revelation that China has been engineering an “offensive biological warfare weapon” that accidentally escaped their BSL-4 facilities and launched a global pandemic, we are now getting confirmation from our investigators in Taiwan that China has deployed a biological warfare attack against Taiwan by seeding an evacuation flight of Taiwan citizens with an infected “Trojan horse” human weapon who contaminated the entire evacuation flight.

This is a damning escalation of tensions between communist China and Taiwan as the coronavirus pandemic explodes, nearly doubling the number of confirmed infections every 3.5 days (i.e. exponential, self-sustained pandemic outbreak).

As part of an evacuation operation carried out by the government of Taiwan, the communist Chinese government refused to allow Taiwan to charter its own plane to rescue its citizens from the Wuhan region. China demanded that its own airplane be used, refusing to follow the Taiwan government’s request that “old women, women with children and children” should be the priority of evacuees allowed to take the flight.

Instead, China placed three passengers on the flight who were not on Taiwan’s list of citizens, and one of those individuals, completely unknown to Taiwan, turned out to be infected with coronavirus.

The covert operation appears to be a biological warfare attack on Taiwan by the communist Chinese regime, which deliberately intended to infect the entire flight with coronavirus so that infected passengers would further spread the pandemic in Taiwan. Such actions, of course, violate international laws, the Geneva Convention and various international treaties that outlaw the deployment of biological weapons.

It now appears China is attempting to export its pandemic to Taiwan by swapping seeding evacuation charter flights with “human weapons” who are known to be infected with the coronavirus. Given that China already realizes its economic and political future is now uncertain in the face of an exploding pandemic that has likely killed at least 25,000 Chinese, the deceptive communist regime appears to be attempting to cause the maximum damage to Taiwan as a form of lashing out against its political enemies as its own domestic situation turns to chaos.

Why is there not more outrage over the crimes against humanity that China commits on a regular basis? Not only do they oppress their own citizens with the unfair social credit system but they regularly detain their own citizens in concentration camps where they are tortured, raped and murdered and yet the West remains quiet. Now, all signs point to China using the coronavirus as a biological weapon and still, radio silence from the West.

The lies about the coronavirus just keep piling up and Western media outlets are happy to play along as they have all been sold out to China a long time ago.


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