The One Person Who Connects Obamagate To Sham Impeachment…This Is Huge

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a reason the swamp needs to be drained.

How many married (and adulterous) couples have been linked to the crooked Obamagate scandal?

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Bruce and Nellie Ohr.

And now, Sarah and Jamin Raskin (pictured above).

Rep. Jamin Raskin played a key role in the unconstitutional and corrupt Schiff impeachment presentation to the Senate.

And his wife, Sarah, unmasked General Michael Flynn.

Redstate reported:

We all wondered why the names of so many Obama Treasury Department officials appeared on the list of those who requested unmaskings of Gen. Michael Flynn’s telephone calls. The requests all came on December 14, 2016 and were made by then-Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (Lew made a second request on January 12, 2017), then-Acting Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Arthur “Danny” McGlynn, then-Acting Assistant Deputy Secretary Mike Neufeld, then-Deputy Secretary Sarah Raskin, then-Under Secretary Nathan Sheets and then Acting Under Secretary Adam Szubin.

Sarah Raskin is married to Jamin Raskin (D-MD) who was one of the House impeachment managers.

What’s more, she was appointed by Obama as Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, then as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.

It was from there that she unmasked General Flynn.

If you’re asking what business the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury has unmasking an incoming national security adviser, she doesn’t. No business at all.

But it does show how corrupt she was.

As The Gateway Pundit reports:

Raskin isn’t the only individual whose wife is a member of the Deep State. Rod Rosenstei’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian, represented Bill Clinton in a case in the 1990’s. This alone should have been enough for Rosenstein to be unqualified for any role related to the Clintons, Obama or their cronies. But he set up the corrupt Mueller investigation in an effort to have President Trump removed from office.

We know that the wife of VP Pence’s former Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock, was working for Peter Strzok in the FBI. We know that Peter Strzok’s wife was furious when she discovered that Strzok was having an affair with Lisa Page and that she threatened to blow it all up. We also know Strzok’s wife, Meliisa Hodgman, was a Hillary supporter who wiped her Facebook page clean when Strzok was suddenly reportedly removed from the Mueller gang. Bruce Ohr from the DOJ had wife Nellie, who was involved in the Steele dossier and worked for Fusion GPS.

Who in DC is not connected to crooked politicians or corrupt Deep State actors?



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