Women’s March Co-Founder, Tamika Mallory, Goes Off On Racist Tirade Against Black KY Attorney General

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Who Does Kamala Harris Think Is The Best Rapper Alive? Her Answer Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

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President Trump Finds Support In Banning “Diversity Training” Across The Pond

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Al Sharpton Urges Protesters To Avoid This…Too Little, Too Late?

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Candace Owens Destroys Critics Of Kentucky Attorney General

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Cuomo Has Insane Take On Covid Vaccine…He’s Playing Politics With People’s Lives!

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Bombshell New FBI Texts Prove ‘Trump Was Right’ About Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation

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Health Experts Find Themselves On President Trump’s Bad Side As Pandemic Continues To Drag On

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Gayle King Lays The Smackdown On Pelosi For ‘Egregious Language;’ Here’s What Happened

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Video: Look What ‘Protesters’ In St. Louis Did To Police Headquarters

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Florida AG Just Referred Bloomberg To FBI For Criminal Investigation; Here’s Why

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What LeBron James Did In The Wake Of The Shooting Of Two LA Deputies Is Deplorable

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President Trump Totally Eviscerates China Over Coronavirus In Epic Address To The United Nations

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What These US Marshals Did To Rescue 5 Missing Children And Take Down Gang Members Makes Them Absolute Heroes

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The Percentage Of NY Bars And Restaurants That Couldn’t Afford To Pay Their Rent In August Will Blow Your Mind

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Alert: Why The Louisville Police Just Declared A State Of Emergency

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Left Freaks Out Over Trump Comments About “Good Genes.” Here’s What They’re Forgetting Obama Once Said.

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Hershel Walker Calls Out The “Elephant In The Room” When It Comes To BLM, China

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Pro-Trump MMA Star Destroys “Woke” Athletes In Must-Watch Post-Win Interview

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The Latest: Woman Arrested After Sending Poison To Trump. Here’s What We Know.

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Biden’s Likely SCOTUS Pick Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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As Durham Probe Heats Up, House Democrats Panic As They Call For “Emergency Investigation”

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Tulsi Gabbard Takes A Stand For Democracy With New Bill That Fellow Democrats Are Sure To Hate

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Jane Fonda Has Meltdown Over RBG Death, Says Leftists “Have To Rise Up” And Stop McConnell, GOP

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Twitter Blue Check Marks Make These Chilling Threats Following Death Of RBG

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Joe Biden Has Been In Politics So Long, He Once Got Mocked By Johnny Carson…And For This!

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Wow: CNN Makes Insane Claim About Trump Rallies vs BLM Protests…Are They Kidding?

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Biden Tells His Biggest Lie Yet About Trump And COVID…Did He Seriously Just Say This?

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New Piece Claims That If Polls Are As Wrong As They Were Four Years Ago, Trump’s In For A Yuge Victory

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LOL: Joe Scarborough Desperately Tries To Claim Joe Is Totally Fine. Yeah, Right.

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FDA Fast Tracks COVID-19 Drug

FDA Fast Tracks COVID-19 Drug

(AmericanProsperity.com) - Late Sunday evening, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a limited emergency-use authorization of two malaria drugs to aid in the...