Sick: ESPN Host Attacks Former MLB Player For Teaching His Kids About Their Rights

(Tea Party 247) – Who even watches ESPN anymore? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of SJWs out there who would fawn over their constant stream of anti-American rhetoric, but I don’t think those SJWs like watching ESPN.

Why can’t they just say in their lane and talk about sports?

They’ve claimed they’re going to stick to sports and avoid politics, but they just can’t get the hang of it. Maybe they’ve already fired everyone who knew how to do that.

Last week, former MLB player Aubrey Huff posted on social media about how he had taught his kids to shoot.

In the post, he had commented that he was doing so in case that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) defeated President Donald Trump in next year’s political election (that’ll be the day) so they’d be prepared to fight for the rights that would most certainly be under assault in a Sanders presidency.

Here was his original tweet:

Ha! Love it.

Cue the leftist lynch mob.

This brought out ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne, who took the tongue-in-cheek political post and called it a “a threat of political violence,” also bending over backward to make it about race, somehow.

The leftist mob tried to call federal authorities on Huff, making comments that his children should be taken from him because he taught them what the Second Amendment really means.

What it means, by the way, is exactly what Huff said it is. It means that the populace must be armed so that the government can never exert too much power over them.

Period. It’s not a threat of violence to say you’ll defend yourself against someone legally trying to take your gun.

The drama raged on:

Huff seems to be even more steadfast in his views, though.


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