Predictable: Here’s How An Anti-Brexit Christmas Movie Performed At The Box Office

(Tea Party 247) – Once again, SJWs learn the hard way that if they want to inject all their supercharged political opinions into their work, they shouldn’t expect it to resonate with audiences.

Especially by putting their supercharged political agenda in a Christmas movie.

An anti-Brexit Christmas movie which Summit News reassures us really is indeed a thing has bombed in theatres, forcing Universal Studios, who produced the flick, to cut its losses and bail.

The film which was co-written by British actress Emma Thompson, applies all the same old boring “woke” lectures to heavily promote an anti-Brexit view as well as other politically correct talking points.

Which no one is going to pay good money to see in theatres around the holiday when we can get that kind of garbage for free, anywhere we want, from social media to prime time television to cable news.

It’s boring, it’s old, we’re sick of it.

Summit News notes that:

The reviews tell the tale. The Sun’s Dan Wootton wrote that “Last Christmas is the worst festive film I have ever seen … It’s a woke, remoaning, overly politically correct mess of a movie that manages to suck every inch of fun, joy and togetherness out of the season where we should be jolly.”

The now left leaning Rolling Stone wrote that “Last Christmas is bad. Incredibly, shockingly, monumentally bad…The kind of bad where you might literally hear the tolerance messaging — same-sex unions, homelessness, anti-immigrant prejudice, Brexit — being ticked off a checklist were it not drowned out by the sound of everyone patting themselves on the back.”

Oof, that stings.

US Weekly posited that “Perhaps actress-co-screenwriter Emma Thompson realized the romance was a dud. This would explain why she decided to cram in about 12 assorted subplots — including the plight of homelessness, a closeted lesbian sister, alcoholism, serious cardiovascular issues, Yeoh’s romance with a Swedish man who likes sauerkraut and immigrant shame in the age of Brexit.”

Other reviews called the film “brutally unfunny” and “a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift that’s filled with rotten turkey leftovers”.

One of the only positive reviews came from NPR. which still only managed to describe it as ‘pleasant’. Go figure.

Thompson, who also managed to find time to star in the film in between flying thousands of miles to lecture people on the streets of London about a ‘climate emergency’, attempted to defend the shambles, arguing that it would have been “psychotic” not to have included Brexit in the Christmas film.

“I think [the political references] are very lightly brushed in. Because our main character is the daughter of immigrants, it would be very difficult to tell this story without mentioning, at least, the fear that people have who are immigrants with Brexit.” Thompson claimed.

“Because it’s set in a very particular time as well, it’s set in 2016, we couldn’t avoid it. Having it not there would’ve been slightly psychotic. And I think what’s more important about what’s under the fun of the movie is a message about kindness.” she added.

Moviegoers choose films that will excite, entertain, and provide a healthy does of escapism. A smart film will supply these features for all audiences, not just members of a certain elite group of social justice warriors.

The film, which originally had a budget of $30 million, earned just $11 million its opening month. After two weeks, it had only recouped $27.9 million, forcing Universal to remove it from over 1,000 theatres over the weekend.

As Summit news notes, “get woke, go broke.”


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