NY Police Are Seeking Suspect In Horrific Death Of 11-Year-Old Boy Known For Tireless Work Ethic In Drive-By Shooting

(Tea Party 247) – There’s nothing more horrific on this earth than when an innocent young child is taken away by an act of wicked violence, which is precisely what happened to an 11-year-old boy in Troy, New York after he was killed during a drive-by shooting.

Ayshawn Davis, a young man who had developed a positive reputation in his community for always being willing to work, was standing on a street with a group of people Sunday and ended up getting caught up in the shooting. The boy was shot in the head.

Ladies and gentlemen, this kind of violence is absolutely horrid and should be expected to spread like wildfire the more police departments are defunded. With less police presence in the streets, gangs and violent criminals will be out in force, and innocent kids will be caught in the crossfire.

Via BizPacReview:

In an interview with the local outlet, owner Tony Buchanan recalled the day that Ayshawn came to “Jimmy’s Pizza” looking for a job.

“We were busy and he walked in and he goes, ‘Can I get a job?’ And I said, ‘Buddy, how old are you?’ I think he was 10 years old at the time,” Buchanan said, adding he told the boy to come back in a few years and that he already had a worker for the position.

However, he said, the youth persisted.

“His response was, ‘Two is better than one!’ So I said, “You know what, you’re right! Here’s some paper towels, here’s a spray bottle,’ and he went to work,” Buchanan said, noting further that he obtained permission from the boy’s father to hire him.

He said that Ayshawn was always smiling and that he held the door open for patrons and worked very hard.

That, Buchanan said, is how he’ll remember the lad.

Deputy Police Chief Dan DeWolf decried the boy’s death as senseless.

A child’s death in a situation like this is most definitely senseless. Something like this shouldn’t be happening in our streets. Unfortunately, police officers are being blocked from doing the work they need to do, especially in neighborhoods like this one, because of the Democratic Party’s desire to appear politically correct.

“I always ask for the community’s help, but I’m really, really asking now, and not just this community but anybody who knows anything about this. Please, I’m begging you to come forward with information and help us solve this crime,” he said, WRGB reported.

“There are people out there that just don’t care, that just don’t think anything of life at all. So everybody else has to care. Everybody else has to get together and do something about this,” DeWolf continued.

Buchanan has also issued an appeal to the public to provide information.

“Somebody out there, even if it’s just one person, knows what’s going on. Speak up before it’s your 11-year-old that’s being buried. This could be your little guy or your little girl laying on the concrete,” he said.

Ayshawn was actually featured in a news story back in 2019 for being absolutely determined to get a job at a pizzeria. Our society needs more individuals like Ayshawn. Folks willing to put in the hard work to be successful, a trait he’s had ingrained in him at such a young age.

“You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it,” the young man said.

Buchanan paid the boy a few bucks, but also allowed him to keep the tips that he received from customers. Ayshawn mostly worked at keeping the business clean, but also helped to take orders when things got busy.

In an interview with Spectrum Local News, Ayshawn said he wanted to work so he could save money to buy a home, a car, and a phone in the future. He also said he wanted to use half of his future home for the homeless.

“It’s not fair that people like them have to sleep on the streets and we live in homes,” he said at the time.

Ayshawn made a deal with Buchanan that he could continue working as long as he kept up with his schoolwork.

“If he’s this motivated at 10 years old, who knows what he’ll be able to do at 14, 15, 16 years old?” Buchanan said.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s tragic and totally not fair that a young person with so much potential, who was willing to work hard to achieve success gets stripped from the world in such a violent manner. It’s just not right.

The job of police officers is to help track people like this down and remove them from the streets. It’s a much needed service, but if the radical left has its way, these brave individuals will not be out on the street anymore, protecting us from horrific acts of violence like this one.

Here’s to hoping common sense prevails in our culture and senseless deaths like this are avoided in the future.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/09/15/ny-police-seek-suspect-when-friendly-11-yr-old-boy-known-for-tireless-work-ethic-killed-in-drive-by-shooting-972842


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