Netflix “Cuties” Sexually Exploits Young Girls. Does It Also Endorse Communism?

(Tea Party 247) – Outrage has been mounting over the sick and disgusting Netflix film “Cuties,” which depicts extended scenes of young girls gyrating and dancing suggestively, imitating gratuitous sex acts, and generally being exploited by the perverted filmmakers.

The actresses in the film, whose creators laughably say is meant to expose child sexual exploitation, are just 11, by the way.

Anyone who thinks they’re exposing child sexual exploitation while doing this exact thing is kidding themselves.

However, there is more.

As Summit News reports, the film also features subtle nods to the communist hammer and sickle in some of the scenes.

“Oh look, there’s the communist symbol paint over the graffiti in the background and prominently displayed during this gross scene. Could it be some sort of message?” asked Twitter user GhostJim, the outlet reports.

In the background of one of the film’s highly suggestive scenes, a hammer and sickle has been painted over graffiti on the wall behind the dancing girls.

The symbol stands out from the otherwise normal graffiti appears to have been placed over the rest of the street art by the set director.

Summit News explains:

Despite the fact that Netflix was forced to apologize for a poster promoting the movie last month, the streaming platform refused to apologize for the film itself and in fact defended the movie as a “powerful movie” and a “social commentary against the sexualization of young children.”

This despite the fact that the movie continues innumerable overt scenes of pre-teen children performing sexually suggestive dances, portrays them watching pornography and in one scene shows one of the girl’s breasts.

Claiming that ‘Cuties’ is exposing the dangers of child sexualization by gratuitously showing child sexualization would be akin to actually killing people in a war movie to illustrate the horrors of war.

The number of “journalists” who have defended the vile production also emphasizes once again how the entertainment industry and the media is literally run by perverts and nonces.


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