Liberal Immigration Policies Lead To Bedlam At U.K. Movie Theater

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist immigration policies and the complicit liberal media are ruining western societies one-by-one. Americans need to be paying attention to what’s happening in Europe; if we allow our immigration policies to become as liberal as many European countries this will be our fate. Violent crimes are on the rise all across Europe, there are neighborhoods police can’t even go into in some major European cities, and bedlam regularly erupts.

A U.K. theatre became under siege by a crowd of 100 “youngsters” as the local media reported. The media failed to mention these “youngsters” were all Pakistani.

EU Times reports:

A shocking photograph showing a young gang armed with a machete outside a cinema complex has been circulated on social media after a brawl broke out and police officers were attacked.

Pockets of fighting erupted in a 100-strong crowd at Star City cinema in Birmingham this afternoon after a ‘group of people arrived with machetes’.

Several arrests were made and police officers were assaulted as they descended on the scene armed with guard dogs at 5.30pm. It has also been alleged that they were carrying tasers.

Families and young children were at the cinema to see Frozen 2.

Pictures from the scene show police cars blocking access to the area as a policeman is seen standing with a guard dog.

Shocking footage shows young women appearing to push each other as officers try to get control of the situation.

Flashing blue lights are also seen as a group of at least eight officers stands on the pavement outside in front of a large crowd.

The cucked British media has reported the attackers as “youths” and “youngsters”.

This is the result of liberal immigration policies. The biggest problem with these policies is not that immigrants are being brought into European countries but that they are not being required to assimilate to the cultures of the places they are moving to. Liberals have a “come as you are” attitude towards immigrants; the only problem is multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Some cultures are more violent than others. This cannot be denied. We can’t honestly believe that if we take millions of immigrants from the violent Middle East and spread them around Europe (or America for that matter) that magically they are just going to change their mindsets. Their culture is deeply engrained in who they are. They don’t leave it behind, they bring it with them unless they are required to assimilate, which is not happening. This is being clearly seen all across Europe.

The worst part is the denial from leftist politicians and their lapdog media outlets. They refuse to acknowledge the connection between the rising rates of rape and the rising number of Middle Eastern and African immigrants. The U.K. media wouldn’t even report the facts about this incident at the theatre and that the mob of attackers were all Pakistani.

If media outlets were honest and did their jobs with integrity, society could hold these immigrants accountable and demand they assimilate or leave. Instead, these violent immigrants continue to get free passes and coddling.


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