Jane Fonda Has Meltdown Over RBG Death, Says Leftists “Have To Rise Up” And Stop McConnell, GOP

(Tea Party 247) – Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, leaving behind a legacy of activism and almost three decades on the United States Supreme Court. She also left behind a vacant seat on you can bet things are going to get real ugly, real fast.

Liberals, stuck in their echo-chambers, are already panicking and fear-mongering over the prospect of President Trump nominating someone to replace RBG in the nation’s highest court. As is expected, celebrities are literally having meltdowns and fervently explaining exactly why President Trump should not fill the seat, despite the fact that in the entire history of the United States, the precedent that has been established completely supports him filling the seat. Never mind precedent, though, the Democrats think they make the rules.

Friday during HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher announced the news that Ginsburg had passed away, pointing out the fact that now there is a vacant SCOTUS seat just weeks before the most tumultuous election in American history. Naturally, Maher and his two cohorts said this is why we can’t allow “someone like” President Trump to become President. Apparently, conservatives are no longer entitled to representation in the US government.

After he and the other two men expressed their fear and angst over the dually elected President observing his right to nominate someone to fill the court vacancy, Maher introduced his guest, radical activist Jane Fonda, who announced in typical dramatic fashion that she was “reeling” from the news of Ginsburg death. She then went on to urge viewers to “rise up” and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) effort to replace Ginsburg.

“We have to be as tough as Mitch McConnell and not allow them to do one freakin’ thing until the election is over,” she said. “We have to rise up and not allow them to do it. If Mitch McConnell can do it, let’s grow some balls and ovaries. Oh, my God.”

Apparently, Jane Fonda really doesn’t understand the basics of how the government works. We, the people, get to vote in elections which determine who represents us in Washington DC. That is how it works. Yet, Fonda seems to think that if she and enough other people oppose something strongly enough that they can just “rise up” and stop it from happening. Democracy be damned.

Fonda doesn’t care that the Senate is controlled by Republicans because Americans voted for them to be there. Fonda doesn’t care what us lowly peons want. She and her wealthy elitist friends get to decide what happens in America, apparently.

The dust has barely settled from the news of Ginsburg’s death and liberals are already flying off the deep-end. It’s truly insulting that this wealthy, privileged group of people think they get to tell Americans how America should be and what should happen just because it’s what they want.

This is not their country, it’s all of ours, and President Trump is within his rights to nominate the next Supreme Court justice whether they like it or not.

Things are about to get real ugly, folks. Buckle up. 2020 isn’t done yet.


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