Here’s Why Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Has Epstein’s Friends “Pretty Terrified” Right Now

(Tea Party 247) – This week, notorious Epstein ex-girlfriend and alleged madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, was at long last apprehended by US authorities.

She has long been the missing piece in the very twisted story of one Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile financier who died of “suicide” in his cell one year ago next month, and has been in hiding since his arrest in 2019.

It has been suspected that Epstein was just one cog in a greater network, and that Maxwell could be the yarn to pull to unravel the whole thing.

In fact, as senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, Alana Goodman told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday, Maxwell and Epstein’s friends ought to be “pretty terrified” right now.

She explained, Fox News reports, that the circumstances leading to her arrest were “very bizarre.”

“There were rumors of all different places that she was supposedly at,” Goodman, co-author of “A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein,” explained.

“I mean, some people claimed maybe [Maxwell was in] Paris. I mean, people had spotted her in Paris. There were claims about London. There were claims about, like, the Israeli embassy and things like that,” Goodman added. “There’s been some pretty wild speculation, but I think generally the idea was people assumed she was out of the country.”

Fox Notes:

Maxwell was arrested Thursday morning in the small town of Bradford, N.H., where she had been residing in a million-dollar estate.

The 58-year-old appeared virtually before a federal magistrate in nearby Concord Thursday afternoon and waived her right to a detention hearing, clearing the way for her transfer to New York. She was ordered held without bail on multiple sex abuse charges, including conspiracy to entice minors to engage in sexual acts.

Goodman noted that because Maxwell is a citizen of France, where she was born, she was unlikely to have been extradited from the nation had she gone there.

“So it was very surprising that she is hiding out, really under everyone’s noses in the United States, within driving distance of the U.S. attorney’s office that is prosecuting her right now,” Goodman said.

Carlson asked Goodman if any of Epstein’s friends should be worried now that she has been apprehended.

“I think that a lot of the friends of Jeffrey Epstein who were very relieved after he died are probably pretty terrified at this moment,” she answered, “because I think that Ghislaine Maxwell has every incentive to talk in this situation.

“Epstein is dead … she doesn’t really have to worry about protecting him or anything else at this point. And I think that [the Department of Justice] also has more leeway to potentially kind of deal with her than it did with Epstein because … he was accused of being the kingpin in this situation.”

Earlier, Goodman had noted that Maxwell, who is the daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell, had lived a luxurious life.

When Carlson asked if Maxwell was likely to “take her own life,” Goodman answered that she wasn’t, but that “this is a lifestyle she is not used to.”


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