Group Of “Cheery” Activist Grandmas Celebrates Maine Making Abortion More Accessible

(Tea Party 247) – Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. A group of radical, leftist grandmothers are lobbying on behalf of the abortion industry in Maine. The group, Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR), would apparently prefer to see fewer women becoming grandmothers by denying future grandbabies the right to life.

Activist Mommy reports:

During Maine’s summer state legislative session, legislation was passed which to compels taxpayers to spend $375,000 each year funding elective abortions for low-income mothers through the state’s Medicaid program. 

New York, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Vermont have also passed similar legislation. 

Among the more shocking supporters of this decision, however, is a group called Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR).

You read that right. A group of grandmothers is advocating for future grandbabies to be murdered in the womb.

The Maine-based group, founded in 2013, promotes abortion on college campuses and at farmers’ markets across the state, in letters to the editor, and messages to state legislators.

In a report from The Colby Echo, GRR member Elayne Richard gave the group credit for their efforts in getting the bill passed.

“Now, we’re able to have MaineCare pay for abortions; [it is] why we’re able to have other medical providers provide abortions as long as it’s in its scope of practice,” Richard said.

She then went on to say how important their presence at Maine’s State House is for those in favor of murdering babies in the womb, “For laws that are being discussed and debated that are really tough, like MaineCare covering abortion, it’s really important to our supporters there to have us there having their backs. That’s where we sit, right behind them, and that’s what gives them the strength to do what they need to do.”

The grannies give lawmakers the “strength” they need to push for more babies to be killed. What a noble pursuit.

Richard then explained why the group chose yellow as its signature color, saying, “I think it’s because it’s bold but it’s cheery at the same time.
That’s kind of a grandma, bold and cheery.” Yeah, lobbying to deny future generations the right to life is most certainly a cheery grandma thing to do.

It should come as no surprise the group has ties to Margaret Sanger and roots in eugenics ideology. Activist Mommy reports:

As we’ve previously reported, GRR founder Julia Kahrl enjoyed an affluent upbringing as the daughter of Clarence Gamble, a doctor who worked alongside Sanger. Both Sanger and Gamble were active in grassroots eugenics groups that believed that some human beings, typically the poor, the uneducated, and their unborn children, are not worthy of equal human rights.

Gamble began the Pathfinder Fund, an international group for the promotion of abortion and birth control to suppress populations in developing countries. As a result of her own work with Pathfinder, Kahrl founded GRR.

Liberals love to pretend to be so “oppressed” all while supporting the most oppressive institution known to mankind. The push for abortion isn’t about women’s healthcare, it never has been. It’s always been about population control and keeping the population of the working class and the impoverished down, with a focus on blacks and other minorities.

This is one demented group of grandmas.


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