CNN Gives Negative Coverage To Trump Mount Rushmore Visit…But Guess How They Treated Obama’s Visit

(Tea Party 247) – Ahead of President Donald Trump’s Friday visit to Mount Rushmore, CNN breathlessly detailed the monument as a “monument of two slave owners” on “land wrestled [sic] away from Native Americans,” joining a chorus of triggered leftists slamming the Fourth of July event.

However, as Breitbart noted on Friday, in 2008, the same network celebrated the landmark when visited by then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) as he visited along the campaign trail of his historic election.

Then, CNN anchor Ron Marciano said: “Barack Obama is campaigning in South Dakota. That state’s primary is Tuesday. Obama arrived there late last night and got a good look around Mt. Rushmore — it’s quite a sight if you haven’t seen it.”

To which his fellow anchor Betty Nguyen added: “Barack Obama is in South Dakota today. He arrived there last night. Take a look at this. He got a good glimpse of the majestic Mount Rushmore. Well, South Dakota and Montana have closed out the primary season on Tuesday.”

12 years later, however, they’re singing a very different tune about the larger-than-life tribute to four of our greatest presidents.

Senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns said:

[A]t a time of racial unease, when protesters are tearing down statues of slaveholders and calling for the names of Confederate generals to be removed from army bases, the Rushmore event is a reminder that Trump is fighting to preserve these relics of heritage and history that some see as symbols of oppression. And to indigenous people, Mt. Rushmore, with four white presidents, two of whom were slave owners, is one of those symbols.

Stu Whitney, a Sioux Falls Argus Leader columnist, told the network:

I think that is a source of concern for people that see this certainly within a state with a Native American population nearly 10 percent and much higher in Rapid City, concerned about a place that has a lot of spiritual significance, And historical significance when you look at what they and most historians consider to be broken promises and broken treaties.

While correspondent Leyla Santiago told Jake Tapper on The Lead: “President Trump will be at Mt. Rushmore where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans told that be focusing on the effort to, quote, tear down our country’s history.”


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