China: What Happened To This Man When He Criticized Police On Social Media Will Give You Chills

(Tea Party 247) – A disturbing video out of China shows a man being brought in and interrogated by authorities after he criticized the police on social media.

Keep this in mind the next time someone claims to live under fascism in the United States while freely bashing our country, our president, and our police on social media without the slightest fear of repercussion.

In the video, the man is handcuffed to a metal chair while he is pressed about his social media usage.

“Why did you complain about police on QQ and WeChat?” police ask the man.

He is then asked about his screen name and activity in a group cat on the WeChat social media platform.

This is shockingly disturbing:

“Why did you talk about the traffic police online…what’s wrong with police confiscating motorcycles?” the police continue to grill the man.

The man tries to appear apologetic, but to no avail. He is pressed again, “Why did you badmouth the police? Do you hate the police?”

He explains that he was intoxicated when he made the comments and is asked to apologize to the police.

“I’m so sorry, I’m wrong, I know, I know that now, please forgive me, I won’t do it again ever,” he declares.

This is the country that the left thinks we should be sweet as pie to while we let them rob our nation blind and steal our secrets. All things considered, Trump’s hardline trade negotiations with this despicable dystopian state are almost too kind!

We need to be grateful he’s willing to be hard on the Chinese because they have been getting away with psychotic Orwellian human rights abuses, all the while taking advantage of American markets and weak-spined American leadership to fund their long-term global takeover.

No more.

Under its social credit score system, China punishes people who criticize the government, as well as numerous other behaviors, including;

– Bad driving.
– Smoking on trains.
– Buying too many video games.
– Buying too much junk food.
– Buying too much alcohol.
– Calling a friend who has a low credit score .
– Having a friend online who has a low credit score.
– Posting “fake news” online.
– Visiting unauthorized websites.
– Walking your dog without a leash.
– Letting your dog bark too much.

Back in August, the Communist state bragged about how it had prevented 2.5 million “discredited entities” from purchasing plane tickets and 90,000 people from buying high speed train tickets in the month of July alone.

Citizens will also be forced to pass a facial recognition test that runs them through the social credit score database before being allowed to use the Internet.


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