California Bans Singing In Church. Yes, Really. This Is Tyranny…

(Tea Party 247) – As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s declaration of independence from the British, the state of California has now banned singing in church.

Yes, really.

All in the name of “public safety,” of course.

Well, our nation was not founded on safety. It was founded on freedom. This includes the right to worship God with your fellow congregants even in the midst of a pandemic, should you so choose.

Under new guidelines issued by the Department of Public Health, according to Breitbart, churches must now avoid singing together to try to prevent the spread.

The new guidelines state:

Even with adherence to physical distancing, convening in a congregational setting of multiple different households to practice a personal faith carries a relatively higher risk for widespread transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and may result in increased rates of infection, hospitalization, and death, especially among more vulnerable populations. In particular, activities such as singing and chanting negate the risk- reduction achieved through six feet of physical distancing.

*Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower. Local Health Officers are advised to consider appropriate limitations on outdoor attendance capacities, factoring their jurisdiction’s key COVID- 19 health indicators. At a minimum, outdoor attendance should be limited naturally through implementation of strict physical distancing measures of a minimum of six feet between attendees from different households, in addition to other relevant protocols within this document.

Breitbart notes that just a few weeks ago, California had begun to re-open places of worship.

But after a surge of cases since the beginning of June–which just so happen to correlate with the eruption of widespread protests and riots inspired by the death of George Floyd in late May–the state has gone right back to shutdown mode, having only briefly paused to widely endorse the protests, many of which led to the destruction of private property and public monuments.

In the beginning of June, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a California church that had challenged state guidelines which restricted church attendance to 25% capacity.

In March, an acute outbreak in Washington state was blamed for a choir practice during which the attendants did not wear masks.


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