Breaking: Did These Doctors Just Discover The Cure For Coronavirus? This Is Huge

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re worried about the coronavirus, you have every reason to be.

The deadly illness, which originated in Wuhan, China, and has already killed close to 1,000 people, takes the lives of 2% of its victims and is spreading around the globe.

While it doesn’t appear to be spreading at the same rate in the United States, with only 12 confirmed cases that seem to have been well-contained, there is still the constant threat that just a few simple mistakes could lead to a deadly disaster.

The first American to contract the deadly virus in Washington state, however, has now been successfully treated.

He’s even returned home.

While we can always give credit to our superior sanitation, quarantine procedure, diet, and modern medicine, it appears that it is the latter which saved his life in this case.

Does this mean that American doctors have the cure for this devastating virus?

Dr. George Diaz, section chief of infection diseases at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, explained to Fox News’ Arthel Neville on FOX News how his colleagues successfully treated the previously ailing man.

Dr. George Diaz: About a week into his course he got worse developed pneumonia. At that point given the reports we had gotten out of China. At that point we elected to give him the experimental Remdesivir, antiviral medication. And within 24 hours he improved significantly. This was quite encouraging and he improved and thereafter remained without fever and felt much better. Over the next few days he improved to where we thought he could be discharged at home under the care of the local health district.

Arthel Neville: And you said you used, I believe an experimental anti-viral medication, that you gave this patient. Can you apply this treatment to ALL people infected with the coronavirus or does it depend on the stage of their infection?

Dr. George Diaz: Yes, at this point the CDC has been working with the authorities in China and have recently opened a large clinical trial of Chinese patients looking at those with severe disease as well as those with mild to moderate disease. We are very much looking forward to the trials.

This is a huge development, especially as the global death toll continues to rise.

We can only hope and pray that the virus continues to be contained in our own borders and that no more American lives will be lost.

Over the weekend, the first American, an unidentified older man in Wuhan, died after contracting the virus.


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