Australians Chant “Freedom!” As This Shocking Scene Unfolds At Melbourne Farmers Market

(Tea Party 247) – If you think lockdowns are bad in the US, just be thankful you don’t live in Australia. Despite Democrats absolutely destroying our economy and the livelihoods of millions of Americans, it actually could be worse. Australia is home to some of the most tyrannical, Draconian lockdown rules and measures of anywhere in the world. The states have given themselves complete power to do as they please which includes, apparently, storming farmers markets and arresting those who refuse to stay home and submit to tyranny.

Shocking video footage has recently surfaced showing the moment when police in stormed a farmers market in Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state Victoria. The patrons of the market were there protesting the lockdowns and when the police showed up, most decked out in full riot-gear, patrons began chanting “Freedom!”

The police, of course, were not moved and began their move on the patrons.


The Guardian reports that the police formed a ring around the group of around 250 protestors, and a smaller group of a couple dozen, before moving in to make arrests. In the end, 74 people were arrested all for wanting the freedom to be able to leave their houses to shop at a market. This is what is becoming of Australia.

Several videos showing violent scuffles with the police were posted online. Many officers were on horseback as they rode through groups of protestors inside the market and heavily armored riot squads lined up to take down the hardened criminals shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.

“There were a few tense moments when protesters started grabbing fruit and throwing it at police,” AAP photographer Erik Anderson said from the scene.

From The Guardian:

The heavily outnumbered protesters yelled “this is not a police state” and “you’ve got to be on the right side of history”.

Victoria police handed out 176 infringement notices for breaching the chief health officer’s directions, all of which carry a hefty fine.

Police executed search warrants on the home of a 44-year-old Burwood East man, believed to be one of the main instigators of the protest. He remained in police custody on Sunday evening and was expected to be charged with incitement.

Another person was arrested for assaulting police, but a spokesperson for Victoria police said no officers were injured during the demonstration.

The spokesperson said police were “disappointed that many protestors were aggressive and threatened violence towards officers”.

“Our investigations into this protest will continue, and we expect to issue further fines once the identity of individuals has been confirmed,” they said.

“While it remains unlawful for Victorians to leave home to protest, you can expect that Victoria Police will hold people to account. Anyone thinking of attending a protest can expect the same swift and firm response from police as has consistently occurred in relation to such behaviour.”

However, that doesn’t seem to be true at all. Police decked out in riot gear weren’t anywhere to be found back in June when Black Lives Matter held a massive protest in downtown Melbourne. Not only that but the Melbourne police even opted not to issue any fines to anyone in attendance at the rally which ended up resulting in an outbreak that the mainstream media went on to downplay and deny.

Nothing but double standards, down under.


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