AOC And Sanders Unveil Plan To “Decarbonize” America – What They Actually Mean Is Much Worse…

(Tea Party 247) – Idiotic House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and delusional presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have unveiled their latest plan to depopulate America and rid the planet of pesky humans. Sanders has always fashioned himself to be the savior of the entire planet with his grand plans to miraculously get all the countries of the world to work together harmoniously for this cause. Saving the planet from global warming and humans is what will finally bring about world peace.

Because there will be no humans left alive.

Their “Green New Deal for Public Housing Act,” which they claim will “decarbonize” America’s public housing stock, would only require a cool $180 billion in taxpayer funds. What a small price to pay to save the planet. No need to worry about the national deficit when we’re all dead. It really is a “win, win, win,” as Sanders put it.

“And in the process of decarbonizing the public housing stock we are going to put hundreds of thousands of people to work in good paying jobs and giving that preference to public housing residents,” AOC said of the bill though she offered no details on how exactly hundreds of thousands of people would be magically put to work.

“The planet is in crisis,” Sanders exclaimed to a cheering crowd of public housing residents that were apparently bussed from New York City to Washington, DC, according to Natural News.

“The truth is that five out of the last six years have been the warmest on record,” Sanders went on to claim. As usual, Sanders gives no evidence or sources for his claims and apparently liberals are okay with that. They don’t seem to require any evidence to believe climate change claims. They use “science” to justify killing unborn babies but when it comes to climate change, they just blindly follow along.

When talking about spending billions of dollars to completely overhaul our entire country, liberals are happy to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to facts.

Sanders wasn’t done spewing non-facts, he went on to say, “Major cities around the world – cities like Miami, New York City, London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong will likely be under water in the next 50 years,” with zero evidence to back up his claim.

It truly is amazing that people listen to Sanders make such outrageous claims and just wholly accept it without any evidence. So, the entire world is going to be underwater in 50 years. Is that going to be before or after the world ends in 12 years? It’s impossible to keep all of the left’s climate change predictions straight.

Sanders claims this plan to “decarbonize” America’s public housing stock will “reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking off of the road over one million cars.” Will Sanders be “decarbonizing” his three homes? He doesn’t say. He also doesn’t say anything that would help anyone actually understand how “decarbonizing” the public housing stock will create 250,000 good paying jobs.

“This will pay for itself,” Sanders claims. We’re still not sure but what a miracle. “This is a win, win, win piece of legislation.”

All we need to know is the planet is in danger and Bernie Sanders is the man to save it. Not all heroes wear capes.


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