After 15 Years, Judge Rules To Strip Terrorist Of His Citizenship

(Tea Party 247) – The United States seems to have a vetting problem. Time after time, Muslim immigrants are being exposed to be the people who many Americans believe them to be in the first place. Thanks to liberal immigration policies and the irrational fear of being considered “mean” or “intolerant,” way too many people are getting across our borders and living amongst us while simultaneously plotting against us.

How dare we offend terrorists by denying them entry to our country. And once they come here, there seems to be very little legal recourse government agencies are able to take to remove them.

Despite the fact that sometimes it seems as though all the judges in America have gone the way of progressive activists, there are still those who value the rule of law and aim to make unbiased decisions with justice in mind.

This seems to be the case for federal Judge Staci Yanle who recently ruled in favor of the United States government and stripped a terrorist of his naturalized US citizenship. The defendant in the case, Pakistani-born Iyman Faris, was accused and convicted more than 15 years ago of plotting to destroy New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. Now, he has lost his citizenship.

This was over 15 years ago. Imagine all the plots going on in terrorist circles in America now.

The Washington Times reports:

Defendant Iyman Faris, once a truck driver in Columbus, Ohio, was sentenced in 2003 for aiding and abetting al-Qaida by scoping out the bridge as part of a plot to cut through cables that support it. His case was among the first and highest-profile terrorism cases after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Faris met with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and worked with Sept. 11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, although some critics questioned how realistic the plot was, given post-Sept. 11 security in New York.

The government argued that Faris lied on immigration papers before becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1999 and that his terrorist affiliations demonstrated a lack of commitment to the U.S. Constitution. Faris entered the U.S. using with the passport and visa of someone he’d met in Bosnia, the government said.

“He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing who took advantage of American generosity with plans to terrorize and murder,” Steven Weinhoeft, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, said in a statement. “He does not deserve the honor of being an American citizen.”

Two years ago, Judge Staci Yanle rejected a similar request by the government, saying at the time there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Faris‘ misrepresentations influenced the decision to grant him citizenship.

In a ruling on Friday, she said the government had proved its case. “The United States of America has produced clear and unequivocal evidence that Defendant Iyman Faris obtained his naturalization unlawfully,” Yanle wrote.

Faris, 50, is currently housed in a federal prison in Marion, Illinois, with a release date in August.

Faris was known as Mohammad Rauf before becoming a U.S. citizen. He worked as a truck driver in Columbus and was married to an American woman for a while. Over the years, he talked about a book he was going to write detailing his adventures, once telling a girlfriend he was going to earn a million dollars from his writing.

Looks like Faris will have to go write his book back in Pakistan as a failed terrorist-wannabe.

When are liberals going to wake up? Open borders and lenient vetting standards aren’t in America’s best interest. Just think of all the Middle Eastern and African immigrants who have been allowed to come here over the last two decades. There’s really no telling how many of them have been plotting against us the entire time. There’s no way of knowing just how deep their terror cells run here on our own soil.

It’s a scary reality. It’ll only get worse if the Dems are ever allowed to be in control again.


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