Here’s Why Seattle’s Chief-Of-Police Just Resigned As City Embraces Lawlessness

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Watch: Wuhan Lab Has Bold Complaint After Being Accused Of Leaking COVID-19

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Why Sweden Destroys The Left’s Narrative On Lockdowns And Masks

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Portland BLM-Antifa Terrorists Make Threats To Residents As They Move Out To Other Parts Of City

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Nancy Pelosi Confirms China Wants Biden But Don’t Worry, It’s Russia Who We Have To Worry About…

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Actress Jurnee Smollett Makes Hilarious Defense Of Her Hate Hoaxer Brother…Do They Really Expect Us To Believe This?

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Sick: Antifa Activists Caught On Video Hurling Disgusting Racist Insults At Black, Brown Trump Supporters

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Sick: Cher Makes Disgusting Accusation Against Trump, Claims He’s “Torturing And Killing”…What Planet Is She Living On?!

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Tragic: Convicted Rapist Released From Jail Because Of COVID Concerns, Now Look Where His Victim Is…

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Pelosi Throws Tantrum During PBS Interview When Asked Unbiased Question Over COVID-19 Relief Package Negotiations

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UK: Death Toll For Lockdown Related Deaths Nearly Match COVID Death Toll

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Actor Seth Rogen “Actively” Atoning For His Whiteness With This Woke Plan To Fight Racism In Hollywood

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President Trump Makes Ominous, Cryptic Statement During Ohio Speech; Here’s What He Said

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Matt Gaetz Asks Burning Question: Why Isn’t The DOJ Doing This To Stop Social Media Election Meddling?

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What Could End Up Happening With Minneapolis Police By The End Of The Year Should Have Residents Extremely Worried

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Chicago College Students Prove Liberalism Is A Mental Illness With New Demand For School Concerning Police

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Local Govts Make Yet Another Massive Power Grab Thanks To Coronavirus; Here’s What They’re Allowed To Do Now

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Michigan And Nevada Have Now Declared ‘Racism’ A ‘Public Health Crisis.’ This State Might Soon Join Them.

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FBI Raids US Company With Very Fishy Ties To Hunter Biden And Burisma

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Sen. Kennedy Basically Just Told Sally Yates She Was Dumber Than A Rock, And It Was Hilarious

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Black Lives Matter Insists Black People Want The Police Defunded But Check Out What This New Poll Says…

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US Senate Receives Chilling Warning: Is Antifa Winning?

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Rand Paul Slams Anthony Fauci For This Glaring Double-Standard Towards State Governors

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Producer From This Major News Network Resigns: “We Are A Cancer And There Is No Cure”

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The Police Had To Rescue A Pig From Portland Protesters…But What The Thugs Had Planned To Do With It Will Make You Sick

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Poll Reveals Which Candidate Voters Believe Will Restore “Law And Order” In November…Is This What You Guessed?

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Did AG Barr Just Reveal Another Obama-Biden Scandal? This Is Insane!

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Oops! Texas Health Officials Forced To Correct Over 200 Deaths Being “Mistakenly” Attributed To COVID

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Former Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Gives Fox Host Maria Bartiromo The Typical Leftist Run Around Over Obama Spying

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Canadian Medical Official Issues Warning On Mass COVID-19 Testing But Is Anyone Listening?

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Bloomberg Defends Stop and Frisk in Newly Revealed Audio

Bloomberg Defends Stop and Frisk in Newly-Revealed Audio

( - Newly revealed audio from a 2015 speech by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is threatening to undermine his chances with...